Case Study: Black’s Laws

In a heartfelt project for the colleagues of the late Jan Knippers Black, I was tasked with designing a full book, including a custom cover, for her final work, “Black’s Laws.” The goal was to create a publication that honored Jan’s legacy, ensuring the cover and internal formatting truly reflected the depth and significance of her content. This sensitive and respectful project presented both a unique opportunity and a challenge I was eager to embrace….

Case Study: VADeR Logo

I had the privilege of designing a logo for the Vision, Autonomy, and Decision Research (VADeR) Observatory at the University of Colorado Boulder. This logo was intended for various applications including doors, stationery, websites, clothing, and mugs. The objective was to create the beginnings of a distinctive identity for the lab that resonated with the crew of students, professors, and staff setting up the new research lab….

Case Study: Private Label, Paid Ads

To execute this concept, I used Adobe Photoshop to create layered compositions and Adobe AfterEffects to add depth using 3D methods. This allowed for smooth transitions and engaging visuals as characters and products were revealed through camera movements. The project was a valuable learning experience in utilizing camera layers to create depth and layering in animations….

Case Study: KSP Logo

When I joined K Series Parts (KSP) as a designer, the company was in the midst of a rebranding effort with an external branding agency. However, the logos produced by the agency missed the mark, appearing more suitable for a tech company rather than an aftermarket auto parts business. Given my background in working on vehicles, the owners asked me to take a chance on designing a logo that would resonate with their brand and customer base….

Case Study: Book Bands

While working at Juniper Books, a bespoke brand in Boulder, CO, specializing in custom book jacket designs and libraries, I identified an opportunity to improve the construction of our book bands. Initially designed with heavyweight, coated matte paper, these bands often failed to hold together the weight of our book sets effectively. This prompted me to propose a more durable solution using printable canvas, which I believed would better reflect the high quality of our products….