From Print to Pixels: Animated Promotions for Natural Grocers®

In July 2023, I created a motion graphic for Natural Grocers to promote their private label products on YouTube. The campaign, themed ‘Fuel Your Adventures,’ aimed to present their product line as fun, family-friendly, healthy, and affordable. My task was to adapt static magazine advertisements from their monthly publication, ‘The Health Hotline,’ into engaging animations for digital media.

The main challenge was transforming static content into a dynamic motion graphic while maintaining narrative flow and visual appeal. Inspired by cut-paper creations, I developed a 2.5D animation showing people enjoying outdoor activities alongside healthy lunches made with Natural Grocers Brand Products. This approach added a whimsical, engaging quality that aligned with the campaign’s theme.

15 Second Version

To execute this concept, I used Adobe Photoshop to create layered compositions and Adobe AfterEffects to add depth using 3D methods. This allowed for smooth transitions and engaging visuals as characters and products were revealed through camera movements. The project was a valuable learning experience in utilizing camera layers to create depth and layering in animations.

The final animation effectively communicated the fun, family-friendly, and healthy aspects of Natural Grocers Brand Products. It was well-received by the marketing team and has garnered over 250,000 organic views on YouTube. The positive feedback highlighted the advertisement’s alignment with Natural Grocers’ brand identity and its success in engaging their target audience.

Overall, this project demonstrated the potential of creative, dynamic advertising in enhancing brand engagement and sales. The experience underscored the importance of adapting static content for digital platforms and the value of collaborative design processes.

6 Second Version