Designing visuals that don’t just catch eyes—they mount them and ride them into the sunset!

With over a dozen years in the design trenches, I am your go-to creative powerhouse. My journey has seen me don many hats, from freelancing to rocking full-time gigs at places like Natural Grocers and Juniper Books LLC. Wherever I go, my work packs a punch. My Adobe Creative Cloud skills are legendary—think Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more. From marketing campaigns that dazzle to publication designs that could make a bestseller list on aesthetics alone, I am dedicated to creating visuals that leave a mark. I breathe life into still images with animation to compose compelling motion graphics, create drool-worthy product photos, and develop sleek, responsive websites that elevate businesses’ online presence.

Beyond my technical prowess, my experience working with diverse populations has honed my ability to communicate effectively across cultural and language barriers. I’ve taught in classrooms from the Bronx to Japan, managed international teams, and planned events that brought together a global community. Currently, I am diving headfirst into the world of automation and AI, finding savvy ways to sprinkle a bit of tech magic on my designs and streamline those pesky repetitive tasks. Always learning, always evolving—because in the fast-paced world of design, standing still is not an option. I’m here to push boundaries, challenge the norm, and create designs that don’t just look great but feel extraordinary.